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The four doors
The four doors
Since ever followed by tears and pain,
the tired steps of every wanderer,
along streets or paths the lonely rambler
keeps stony splinters in his heart.
Yet mankind got a precious gift,
for every one got final shelter,
promptly helped, no delay,
by one of the doors, as comes below.
The first door bears Sleep as name,
takes pain and terror from the mind,
hides and protects, calming tremors,
but untamed are fears, once awake.
Second, Oblivion, screening memories,
mutates short moments in single points,
quickly disappearing, but constantly
transfixed in rapt attention.
Then Madness extends it's arms,
greedily harvesting the uttermost essence
of your world, abducting hope
of rise and deliverance, until it's silence.
At last is Death, the last abode,
final place of those who fail at heart
to live their life, though it's sad,
and only deem it black and grey.
Four the Doors, only ways out,
four the paths, it's up to you;
are new experiences worth the risk,
or better get lost in
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Under a dark blue sky :iconnoghoul:Noghoul 2 0
All is in chains
Innumerable immemorial murmurs
come clinking from my innermost
hopefully moving toward yours.
Alas, but pain and sorrow they get
by being at your disposal.
You take and ask, and ask and take,
the more you get the more you want.
Lifes entwined are the highest reward
for lovers, yet nothing but chains
when "I love you" declines in "I'll owe you…"
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No more sadness
No more sweet sadness
leads beyond love and truth
to the hall of self-consciousness
where everyone's soul is refugee.
Were they well used or just abused
no more words will light the minds
no clear notes will leave the harp
to kiss the ears of lonely hearts.
All withers when a poet dies
no more romance in sunsets
no more love in moonlight
no more sadness, no more.
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«Wyrd bið ful aræd»
(The Wanderer, VI sec.)
In freezing ice-caves,
plunged into spirals of eternal mists,
they don't consider, nor do they ask,
those who weave.
Yet, there still is the choice,
everlasting struggle for subsistence,
what I am leads to what I'll be
and what I'll be draws what I am.
The wheel turns with every step,
yarn of ethereal thickness,
every turn is spooled
suffering cold and fair ordeal.
When one enwines with many
-no longer blind and deaf – advancing
in the relentless deathly journey
towards the supreme ring giver.
Brethren come back on their shields
from the desperate chevauchee,
always weaklings, cravens maybe,
but surely blinded by the lustshroud.
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Francesco Vitellini
Not a photographer but i love catching that special moment.

Writer of poetry, both in Italian and English.

Current Residence: Milan, Italy
Personal Quote: You can't be more than you are, but you shouldn't be less.
Hi, I'm a German living in Italy.
I use words to create images and images to create words...

not a poet...

just a Jongleur de mots...

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